[complete] Technical difficulties - 16-11-07

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    3 Nov 2016 Administrator
    Edited last year by Geo

    The Starbound server and forums will be going down on 16-11-07 at 15:00 UTC. Both services may be down for up to 15 minutes.

    Severe issues have been encountered. The forums are back up, but SB will take some work. Sorry for the interruption.

  2. For anyone who can't read that date, 11/7/16, November 7th at 11pm EST

  3. Eradem

    5 Nov 2016 Moderator

    For me over at the United Kingdom it would be 7/11/2016 15:00 GMT being 3:00 PM.

  4. Geo

    7 Nov 2016 Administrator

    Severe issues caused by a recent kernel upgrade have forced me to rebuild the server's operating system. This will definitely take a while, perhaps over a day, but all data will be intact. Just hold tight - FBR will be back soon.

  5. God damnit, Geo

  6. Eh i don't mind, i mean i do play on the server every day, but i can wait :3 ( couldn't play for the whole of september cus of the planet crash thing )

  7. Geo

    7 Nov 2016 Administrator

    A temporary workaround is up and running. There will be more downtime for maintenance soon, but warnings will be issued beforehand.

  8. so uh, could you give us any information on your progress?

  9. Geo

    8 Nov 2016 Administrator

    @alfalfr3d so uh, could you give us any information on your progress?

    I'm currently preparing to move the Starbound server and forums to our development server. Once this is done, I'll rebuild the production server and move us back.
    The move to our development server should be done tonight and, upload speed permitting, I should be able to get us back on production tomorrow morning.


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