[complete] Scheduled downtime - 16-11-09 05:00 UTC

  1. last year


    8 Nov 2016 Administrator

    Approximately 5 and a half hours after this is posted, all of FBR's services will be shut down and moved to a different server. Sadly, I am unable to give an ETA at completion.

    While the forums are offline, please use our thread on the Chucklefish forums for updates and support. I will also be giving live updates on twitter for those interested.

  2. Geo

    9 Nov 2016 Administrator

    The forums are back online. (duh?)

  3. Geo

    9 Nov 2016 Administrator

    All services have been restored.

    The server may be a bit laggy but keep in mind that this is only temporary. With any luck, we'll be back on the production server some time tomorrow.

  4. Edited last year by alfalfr3d

    no no it is up, its just that starbound-servers.net doesn't recongnise it as being up or well that it has people it

  5. Geo

    9 Nov 2016 Administrator

    Oh, whoops. The starbound-servers.net player count should be working now.


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