[complete] Scheduled downtime - 16-11-14 05:00 UTC

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    13 Nov 2016 Administrator
    Edited last year by Geo

    At 05:00 UTC (00:00 EST), on 16-11-14, all of FBR's services will be shut down and moved back to our production server. This may take up to 12 hours to complete. Once this is all over with, we should finally be done with our recent string of technical difficulties.

    Please note: All worlds that have not been used in over 2 months will be pruned! If you have an old world that you want kept, give it a visit before we shut down for the migration.

    While the forums are offline, please use our thread on the Chucklefish forums for updates and support. I will also be giving live updates on twitter for those interested.

  2. God damnit, not again...

  3. 12 hours!?!? Fuck....

  4. Geo

    14 Nov 2016 Administrator

    I'm not fond of the idea either. Scrambling to migrate the server as fast as possible from midnight to noon isn't exactly my definition of "fun".

  5. Well, hope you sleep well.

  6. Geo

    14 Nov 2016 Administrator

    @jcfinal Well, hope you sleep well.

    Heh, sleep may actually be an option if everything keeps going this well. Current projections would have the migration complete in ~3 hours.

  7. Fix it fix it fix it let me apply for admin fix it fix it

  8. Geo

    14 Nov 2016 Administrator

    Aaand we're done!


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