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  1. last year
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    so while i've playing on the server i have noticed that some people emote using words such as he'd she'd and i'd while performing an action. for example: he'd play his instrument. in this instance "he'd" could mean he would, right? saying that he would have/had played his instrument if it weren't for something. it could also mean that he had played his instrument before. wrong in both cases while making an action in real time, is it not?

  2. Eradem

    22 Nov 2016 Moderator
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    Hello alfalfr3d. It just depends on people's individualistic style of roleplay. It is rather confusing as you would assume "he'd play his instrument" to mean he would have, but ended up not doing so. But no, it means that they are playing it. As much as this doesn't necessarily make much sense; it is just the style they use, and it probably makes more sense to them than it does us.

    There are other players who write their actions in normal text and speech in speech marks. I would much prefer they used stars and speech marks if they're going that route, but that is just personal preference; and I don't really mind what they choose. It would just make it easier to identify.


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