New here need help [Resolved?]

  1. 8 months ago


    i just downloaded all the mods for this but evertime i try load my game up it loads then gos off is there anyway i can fix it

    by the way love this server i used to play it be4 :D

  2. Eradem

    2 Feb 2018 Moderator
    Edited 8 months ago by Eradem

    @RoseChan Sure! I suggest joining the Discord server found in the lounge section of the forums. From there, please go to the #technical_support area, and check the pinned messages for instructions. For further instructions on how to debug issues, go to the #general channel and check the pinned messages, then scroll to the bottom.

    If you need further help, just give me a DM on Discord (Direct-Message).


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