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    15 Dec 2016 Administrator
    Edited last year by Geo

    Hey fluffs, the new Discord server and chat bri- wait, what? 1.2.0 just dropped? ...and our wrapper isn't compatible? Great.

    Yep, 1.2.0 is here! ...and our wrapper isn't compatible yet. While we wait for it to get updated, a temporary 1.2.0 server will be available for you to play on. Once the wrapper is ready, we'll switch back to our normal universe and wipe the temporary one.
    Also, be sure to check your mod subscriptions after the server is switched over! A few mods, including Active Stealth and Kazdra, may be temporarily removed.

    I'll make the switch to 1.2.0 at 20:00 EST, about 5 hours after this is posted.

  2. Geo

    16 Dec 2016 Administrator
    Edited last year by Geo

    Chat tabs are completely broken in 1.2.0. http://community.playstarbound.com/threads/1-2-0-chat-tabs-are-broken.127794/

    There does seem to be a workaround though. Hold left-click over the desired tab, then right-click, and then release both.

  3. Geo

    18 Dec 2016 Administrator

    Aaaand we're back! Still waiting on Kazdra to be fixed, but that shouldn't be much longer.

  4. Edited last year by Fariah

    Will you be readding Terraforming ability soon? I want my damn home planet to have an actual biome instead of barren at some point.

  5. Eradem

    20 Dec 2016 Moderator

    Hello Fariah, currently Terraformers bypass planet protection; which defeats the purpose of protecting a planet, as anyone who gains build permissions could then completely change the planet; and the original isn't able to be restored without having backup files. This is because using a terraformer to change it back never gives the exact original back. Also looking from 1.2.0 tests; people are willing to fight over terraformers on planets. We're waiting for StarryPy3k to add protection over terraformers; then we can re-instate them back into the server.

    This however, is why they are temporarily disabled.


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