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    Hi! I'm new to the server and tho i'm not a furry i'd like to try a RP server. The thing is i've never done it so i'm really confused as to how to talk to everyone and stuff. Like, should i roleplay always in-game, should i ask all my doubts here and not in-game?

    My in-game name is Willow (idk if i should also change the account name to that) so hi in advance

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    Welcome to the server Nuke! :D

    Hello Nuke. No worries, this is a casual roleplay server; so people should be able to help you. It doesn't matter if you're a furry or not, that's not the main focus here; the main focus is to bring people together from the furry community and from elsewhere in order to be all inclusive. Also to add many different races to the server which quite a few servers lack.

    Alright, so there are varying ways roleplay can be achieved. Some people use "-Hello-" for OOC (Out-Of-Character) and some people use "(Hello)" or "(( Hello ))" or variations of that nature to do the same thing. Regular chat in the local chat tab on the bottom of your screen, which is followed by white text once your message is sent; is always regarded as IC (In-Character) unless you apply OOC tactics such as "(( Hello ))".
    Note: "" <- is not included in the actual message; this was just done to show you what part constitutes OOC versus IC.

    ICly and OOCly mean (In-Characterly and Out-Of-Characterly) as there is no real difference with ly other than to make the terms be able to go in more conversations grammatically correctly.

    The universal chat otherwise known as global; the one sent to everyone as opposed to local chat tab on the bottom; will always be out-of-character (OOC) and for that reason, does not require any OOC tactics such as "-Hello-" or "(( Hello ))" or "(Hello") etc.

    As for actions, some people talk for actions and use speech marks for actual talking; while-as people like myself use the talk for speech without speech marks then use asterix for actions. For example, "*I took out a datapad and read on the display; browsing through various screens and pressing where I fancy from time to time in my search for a specific item named: "Laser sword" in order to retrieve my weapon from my data screen.* Do not worry, this was just an example; it is not necessary to take out a datapad every time you want to take out a weapon as that is just silly unless you actually stored the item in the datapad in the first place; but in that case you'd need to have the datapad in order to do so.

    I recommend having a text file or paper handy for remembering small details like this, in order to help improve the experience.

    Please note: typically you will not see the universal chat unless you switch to that tab. The tab is named "All" tab.

    A great place to start would be NH (New Haven) found via /poi newhaven <- used when on your ship; but the command seems to not work much as of late so I'll give out the co-ordinates.

    New Haven.
    Cygnus X-1 Legion I

    X = -401732684
    Y = 947048452

    ^ This is regarded as the main RP hub planet; although you can RP on any planet or ship you like.

    Note: If you wish for people to respond to you ICly you need to make sure that you click on the local chat tab on the bottom then type in this. PS: You'll have to re-select the local tab every time you rejoin the server or your game crashes.

    Server rules can be found here. https://fb.ccdyn.com/?p=34-1-0
    or here.
    The first link is more up to date but the second link is less cluttered. I suggest looking at both.


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