Cyber Phazon GotDM (Guardian of the Dimensions and Multiverses) has arrived!

  1. last year

    Hello I'm new to the server and you guys are the first server I've been on for Starbound multiplayer. I use many different OCs when I Play Multiplayer games. I do this due to the fact that I once had an idea for a game i wanted to make, found out how much it is to make one and set it aside for now, then found out about MLP:FiM and had more OCs, and the rest is on a long as novel if you want to call it that. now i have only 2 OCs left from my main cast; Cyber Phazon, and Lord Omega (rarely use him). so I've made different OCs for Starbound. also i sometimes make Gender bend Versions of my OCs, and i use different Races as well. don't know which race to choose.
    now that all the BS explanation is done, i will say one last thing, i use "The Pony Modpack" half the time. so if you need me, i will be at gentle stars until i get a better weapon(s) and armor(s).
    P.S. does the server Reset monthly?

  2. Eradem

    11 Jan 2017 Moderator

    Hello Cyber_Phazon_GoTDM; no the server does not reset at all; unless you count the pruning of world files that aren't used for over a month, unless they're in the pruning exception list. After all, some locations will never be pruned.


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