1. last year

    I understand that XS Mechs was denied. so that is why i edited it so that the mechs no longer deal block damage!
    sorry if i am annoying but it would be nice if you give this a try
    (note: does not require xs mechs. just add this mod and it will be fine.)

  2. Eradem

    11 Apr 2017 Moderator
    Edited last year by Eradem

    Using patch files means you still need the original mod which within itself isn't a problem and would require you to make it a required mod for your mod in this particular case. Anyhow, there were other reasons for the denial of XS Mechs; we've tried it before and one of the other reasons was someone would take it out and completely devolve any current RPs into a mess of out-of-character spam. Ruined some good moments too.

  3. oh. i created a patch version too. i guess i will link it anyway. its ok that you denied xs mechs. kinda sucks because i put a good amount of effort into these mods. oh well.


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