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    Heya everyone!

    Considering we probably come from all over the internet, I thought about starting a thread here to allow anyone who has art commissions of their character or drawn their character themselves to share it here to their fellow starbounders! Feel free to also share any bio you might have on the character to help us paint a better picture alongside the art!

    I'll start with my own character, Echo!


    So in-between drawing art trades and building my pirate base in Starbound, I decided to draw my character who I've been playing with for the past week... I really needed to get him out of my head. His name Echo and he's a cute but cocky pirate and junker who likes rusty scraps and bright colors. He wields a Solus Katana and also uses an adaptable crossbow. He lives in a pirate hideout located on a dangerous toxic planet. He likes to party(if you didn't guess), play video games at the arcades and likes to serve strong beverages and other substances while not travelling the stars, gathering all kinds of junk. Finally, he's a Munari, a custom race. They don't have a shark tail in-game but I added one here cause why not... Sharks are sexy! <3

  2. Dayum dude, I wish I could draw like that. I really need to draw me a character >.>
    Tsukine, Kasune, annnd now Sazune.
    I'd say this is the "ne" family. haha.
    I'll go try doing some art again.

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    Done by

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    link text
    Line Art done by cole4110

  5. Woah thats pretty cool did you make that?

  6. @Novastar Woah thats pretty cool did you make that?

    The first one a friend drew for me here's their FA
    The 2nt one I just colored in but the line art can be found here

  7. once i get a screenshot of my character, rosewhiskers, ill do some art of her since im literally in love with her <3

  8. -image-
    link to this on my deviantart

  9. last year

    Seeing everyone's art here actually was the deciding point whether or not to make an account and play on this server, haha;;;
    Can't wait to get into whatever character I'll be introducing into this new world, so that I can dabble in these character art pieces as well. <3

  10. I have not been on in a while but I have some art of Tyule

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    Here's my attempt.

    Edit: idk it wont load the image. too big?
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    Here's Byte!

  14. gimme some time, I might be able to whip somat together concerning miraculum...

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    whelp. I can't draw but I can atleast sorta write so here....BAAARRRRFF!!!

    Name: Miraculum Infinitus
    Race: Avali**
    feather main*: Soft white color, like that of snow without the sun bearing down on it
    feather trim*: Icicle blue
    feather accent*: Gold, solid almost glowing brilliant gold.

    Personality: relatively chill, no pun intended, though can be rather hyper-active after his many random power naps. Has an extreme fascination with ice, or whatever is considered "ice" to the Avali, but generally anything dealing with extreme cold. Has a strong sense of honor and justice, though, with proper reason will ignore that completely. Very hard to piss them off, but when some one acheives said goal... some have described his anger similar to that of a dragon (more on that later), and there have been rumors of him dipping those that have angered him into liquid helium (which has a boiling point of -270 deg. C. ITS REALLY FUCKING COLD!).

    Augments: typical neural interface and "Guardian" nanites.
    Modified jaw allowing it to unhinge properly for other augment.
    Built in liquid (insert any really effing cold substance here) throwers set in the back of his throat, out of the way till activated. Talons have inset micro-lathes to create alloy reinforcements, making them more viable for combat. Initially didn't want any augments, but after his "draconic" reputation grew, he decided to make it a little more than just rumor....

    Sanity: has serious trauma as he had to watch his pack one by one be picked while out exploring the universe. As such has "developed" a second personality he only refers to as the "Hellion King". Prone to breaking down when he hears of other packs, weeping for the loss of his own. Also will have episode of mental overload caused by some new found "abilities". Beyond that, mostly stable.

    Unique: due to his neural interface being damaged during a EMP shockwave generated by a nuke airburst ( he and his pack was near a battle versus a comparatively "low" tech race.) he has gained an unusual property of now being able to "hear" thoughts by reading spacial distortions and stray energy waves emitted by others simply walking by. This only is for surface thoughts, no deep into the mind reading. There's also something quite unusual about the markings on him and his belongings...

    *yea i know we can all see the char. model but the game doesn't quite have the colors i wanted sooo, there.

    **He's not quite normal as he was first found as a hatchling near some spacial anomolies...

  16. 11 months ago

    hello, I'm back... yay... I know it says character ART but I don't really draw with lines and colors I draw with words. so, I got off my ass and put together the other three character descriptions I have going. as I flesh them out more and new things occur within gameplay, these will be subject to change and i'll post those changes in the Fate of Volcaria thread (if I can even get it movin'). sooo.... BAAAARRRRRRFFFFF!!!!
    Name: Helios Delego “Hellion King”
    Race: Avali
    Feather Main: Pitch Black, The same appearance of soot coated Obsidian
    Feather Trim: Bright Crimson, Like fresh blood
    Feather Accent: Solid Gold, Brilliant in luster rivaling that of a temperate sun

    Personality: Hellion is.... of the Wilds. There is no rhyme or reason to most of his actions.
    His mischeif is seemingly endless, and almost always goes slightly too far with it. Few know he even exists as he (Currently) only Miraculum's other personality. While he seemingly has no control over anything he does, his Loyalty to those he does consider “friends” (more often this translates to Playthings, though there are a few that he genuinely consider as friends) is so great it is often mistaken as Him being extremely possessive, like a dragon and its hoard. He enjoys very much Annoying Miracle as much as possible, and like with most things he does, even to a very deadly degree. It was actually because of his Discordant actions that lead to the death of an entire corporation that lead to his, and Miracle's, exile from the Avali Home World, and most any other Major Avali claimed world/Sector...

    Sanity: “Sanity? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! ha. Whats that?” This is the only answer he would give you if you were to seriously ask if he was sane...

    Unique: as he is sharing the same body as Miracle, most of his capabilities are the same, but there a are few differences. The same augment that gives Miracle his chilling breath weapon, Hellion had tweaked allowing him to emit a substance similar to napalm but much worse, only known as “Hell-Fire”. A substance universally banned on every single planet an Avali settlement on it. This stuff has been known to melt through most Interstellar ship hulls.. Because of its beyond intense heat, Hellion had to have a special heat resistant micro shield generator to prevent serious and permanent damage to his shared body. His control over Miracle's Sonic Psionics is only slightly superior to Miracle's own understanding of it, allowing Hellion to sometimes, with great concentration, insert his own thoughts and even watch/invade others dreams... Hellion is also responsible for quite a few of the many strange markings across his/Miracle's gear, as he's been able to tap into their arcane capabilities. He rarely ever uses it for more than just destroying things, generally with fire, concealing His true prowess with it...
    Name: Res
    Rave Viera?
    Skin tone: pale
    Ear pattern: brown, with darker tips
    Hair: looks like an unkempt mess from far away, but up close its seen it is very well cared for, but purposely left to do its own thing.

    Personality: Res can only be described in the same way as one would describe nobility, well-mannered when necessary, but very snobbish, rude, and always carries an air of entitlement any other time. He should be treated like a snake, kept far away but always in sight. No matter where or what a situation is he some how finds his way into it, and more often than not, when its not his business. He also has a very obsessive nature, as can be seen with all his interactions with Miracle/Hellion. If he wants something from you, he will stop at nothing to get it,even if it takes years to do it...

    Sanity: on the surface, he seems quite “normal”, but given enough time with him, the truth eventually becomes evident... He is NOT sound in mind, to a degree that would make Hellion's mental stability seem acceptable.

    Unique: He is a MOTHER-FUCKING SORCERER!!! also is a Techno-Wizard magic is his deal, magic is his trade. You got it? He's probably got it better. He's even integrated it into the entire ship that he had commandeered. The entire workings of his ship are magically keyed to him, so that even the crew members, the few he has, can barely access anything on it. Almost every technological device he owns has had some kind of Archana bound to it. That sword there? Yeah, it lets him teleport, sending out blades of air every where. Those fists? Electrified. Guns? Homing, Splitting, or Prismatic bullets. Take your pick. Hell, the bastard can damn near Blink across a planet! Cause' Magic.
    Name: Linkachu ( Jay Delego Resonance Miraculum Equilibrius )
    Race: Dark Hylius/Mahna Construct (until I learn how to sprite things, I'm stuck using the kemono Model for now)
    Fur color: Vibrant Yellow, Almost golden when in sunlight
    Ears:also vibrant yellow, long as a Veira's, cylindrical in shape ending in black tips (yet again, still need to make proper model)

    Personality: Gentle, Noble, Honest, Loyal, and Mischievous. Ever the careless rogue, but while he may play the fool, has no problems playing the role of The Knight to kick your ass.

    Sanity: “Tis' a Weird and Lurid landscape of another planet... Filled with Eldritch Runes and Death... and with sunshine and rainbows... I WILL RISE!!” The final words of a foolish Dreamwalker who stepped into his mind before their heads exploded violently. Take what you will from this...

    Unique: I have many skills... but we don't want to spoil any surprises now do we? Well to keep you entertained for now, I'll share a few things. Ever heard of Gun-catta? Its kung-fu with guns, similar to how fencing is like dancing with swords. Which I can also do...Tee. Hee.


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