What non-listed mods are allowed?

  1. 2 years ago

    So I was wondering if I could use mods not listed in the pack,
    I know blocks, objects, liquids, and other stuff that are in the game world will not work.
    But is there a list of mod types that are not allowed? Or is there a definite no to non-listed?

  2. So as long as I limit stuff to my own planet?

  3. if you use mods that arent on the server and try to place them you will crash (and a good chance anyone around you), but any mods that are client-side you should be able to use. The Rexmeck CSGO weapons pack mod that added some cool weapons, was really well done, and is vanilla-server compatible (which means other people can see it even if they or the server doesn't have the mod). heres a link if you want to check it out:
    but other a few mods like that and other client-side mods anything that is not on the server and you use or place will crash you and likely anyone around you. (also on the csgo mod, you have to place and use the workbench in singleplayer or it will crash you.)

  4. *other than a few mods like that

  5. also its not that non-listed mods aren't allowed persay its more that they will crash you and likely anyone around you.

  6. Well it depends, stuff like the item spawn pack, or the aforementioned CSGO weapons pack, that do not add any new blocks/liquids/npcs/whatever are fine. BUT you are not able to use weapons from packs like that, there are some ways to make your own custom weapons and hats, for example.
    TL;DR stuff that uses vanilla assets yes, stuff that adds new stuff no. Clientside texture replacers work tho, aka Sleek Glitch Chassis replacer version, Floran Tail, and the like

  7. last year

    can anyone send me a list of the mods used on the furrybounds server

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    they are all in the steam workshop collection. aka here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=734142101

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    There's also a link to the page on the forums https://fb.ccdyn.com/?p=34-1-0
    ^ Which will send you to the page giving some details about the server and the workshop collection link that alfalfr3d just gave.


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