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    Mon Apr 3 19:10:57 2017
    Geo started the conversation Confirmation issues.

    If you were experiencing issues confirming your new account, please try creating your account again. The issues should be resolved, but feel free to send an email to support|at|ccdyn|dot|com

  2. Mon Jan 2 06:18:48 2017
    Geo posted in FBR is now on Patreon!.

    @SiliconSlyWolf Enjoy another $20 a month! :)

    That'll get us so much closer to the upgraded hardware! Thank you so much for the support!
    I'll send you an email regarding server ranks and SotS hangouts in a moment.

  3. Sun Dec 18 15:08:06 2016
    Geo posted in Terraformers .

    The things that were obviously implemented with zero thought towards dedicated servers? Yeah, Eradem whipped up a server-side mod to disable those shortly after the update came out.

  4. Sun Dec 18 00:38:17 2016
    Geo posted in 1.2.0!.

    Aaaand we're back! Still waiting on Kazdra to be fixed, but that shouldn't be much longer.

  5. Fri Dec 16 02:05:23 2016
    Geo posted in 1.2.0!.

    Chat tabs are completely broken in 1.2.0.

    There does seem to be a workaround though. Hold left-click over the desired tab, then right-click, and then release both.

  6. Thu Dec 15 20:11:01 2016
    Geo started the conversation 1.2.0!.

    Hey fluffs, the new Discord server and chat bri- wait, what? 1.2.0 just dropped? ...and our wrapper isn't compatible? Great.

    Yep, 1.2.0 is here! ...and our wrapper isn't compatible yet. While we wait for it to get updated, a temporary 1.2.0 server will be available for you to play on. Once the wrapper is ready, we'll switch back to our normal universe and wipe the temporary one.
    Also, be sure to check your mod subscriptions after the server is switched over! A few mods, including Active Stealth and Kazdra, may be temporarily removed.

    I'll make the switch to 1.2.0 at 20:00 EST, about 5 hours after this is posted.

  7. Thu Dec 8 03:51:40 2016
    Geo posted in Server Modpack?.

    The main problems are distribution rights and constant updates. Even if we glance over the fact that we're simply not allowed to distribute the mods, you would have to deal with manually updating your modpack every single day.

    I'll look in to safely exposing our debugging modpack archive, but I can't make any guarantees.

  8. Thu Nov 17 20:17:00 2016

    There are currently some issues with the network in our service provider's datacenter. I'm working with the provider in hopes of fixing this but there isn't a whole lot anyone can do.

  9. Mon Nov 14 09:51:11 2016

    Aaand we're done!

  10. Mon Nov 14 06:31:51 2016

    @jcfinal Well, hope you sleep well.

    Heh, sleep may actually be an option if everything keeps going this well. Current projections would have the migration complete in ~3 hours.

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