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    Wed May 17 23:10:11 2017
    S Skelboar posted in Xenomorph Race request..

    I agree with this very much. Please add if possible.

  2. Mon Aug 22 01:07:03 2016
    S Skelboar started the conversation Help [resolved].

    when I try to join the server as Yasper it says a user with that name already exists, but last I checked I was Yasper. please help if possible, thank you.

  3. Tue Aug 16 00:24:31 2016
    S Skelboar posted in Character Reset [resolved].

    Thank you

  4. Mon Aug 15 17:57:28 2016
    S Skelboar started the conversation Character Reset [resolved].

    Umm Geo if possible could you reset the character Yasper please because due to some unforeseen circumstances I had to recreate him. As far as proof that I'm the real Yasper goes other than ip I cant think of any; but unless somebody else was clever enough to come up with the name I am almost certain that I am the one and only Yasper. Thank you

  5. Mon Aug 15 17:51:28 2016
    S Skelboar joined the forum.