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  1. 2 months ago
    Wed Aug 1 18:37:49 2018
    Eradem posted in hello..~.

    Correct! Please go to the lounge area of these forums, the Discord is present in there.

  2. Wed Aug 1 18:37:30 2018
    Eradem posted in Hi! I'm new here!.

    Please go to the lounge area of these forums and the Discord link is present there.

  3. Wed Aug 1 18:35:46 2018

    SolaerSelect looks fairly old, and if you're having this many mods, then you would already be unable to join the server for having races that aren't in the modpack. We would get a better character extender, if we were to add more races. The status for this is currently pending, as we are not certain. As for the forums, most of us check the Discord instead, found in the lounge area of these forums - questions made there will be replied to faster than questions here.

  4. Wed Aug 1 18:32:52 2018

    Your mods are not up to date with the modpack, please enter the Discord found in the lounge area of these forums for more support. The server modpack is found here:

  5. Wed Aug 1 18:31:48 2018
    Eradem posted in cannot log in [Resolved].

    That would do it, sorry for being incredibly inactive on these forums. Please enter the Discord found via the lounge area of the forums for more support. If you login with a character and delete it, the character is still registered on the server until one of the staff, such as myself, Jack or GeO2 delete it.

    In addition, I have just wiped "Lillie" from the server database, you may login once more, but please enter the Discord for future help.

  6. 8 months ago
    Fri Feb 2 15:14:40 2018

    @RoseChan Sure! I suggest joining the Discord server found in the lounge section of the forums. From there, please go to the #technical_support area, and check the pinned messages for instructions. For further instructions on how to debug issues, go to the #general channel and check the pinned messages, then scroll to the bottom.

    If you need further help, just give me a DM on Discord (Direct-Message).

  7. Fri Feb 2 15:13:13 2018

    We can't fix it with the current forum software, as it will only build up as much as it has already. However, plans are in the works for a new forum software that will be able to remove the spam a lot more effectively.

  8. 9 months ago
    Sat Dec 16 16:15:50 2017

    @Noises If you're experiencing trouble entering the server and get this error, that means you do not have the mods the server has.

    Please go into the options menu of Starbound and tick "allow assets mismatch".
    Then go to <- Subscribe to the mods on this page as well.

    For any further technical help, please enter the lounge area and use the Discord link and go to the #technical_support channel, as any response on these forums is guaranteed to be slow.

  9. 11 months ago
    Mon Nov 6 10:27:55 2017

    @MultiFacedMedia This means that you have in-fact, not set everything properly. It mean that you have items or techs equipped not in the server, which makes you get kicked out. There is also the possibility you have installed a few incompatible client-side mods with the server. In addition, you may possibly have missed out any mods from the modpack, or have mods left over from previous that you weren't aware of.

    Check C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Starbound\mods
    Check C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Starbound\assets

    In assets folder, there should only be "user" folder and "packed.pak" file.
    In mods folder, there should only be "mods_go_here" file.

    Browse > Subscribed items
    Go through this list and find out which mod is broken.

    Go to the lounge sections of the forums to join the Discord server if you need more help more reliably. The channel you would be looking for is #technical_support

  10. Sun Nov 5 14:46:18 2017
    Eradem posted in I am confusion [new player].

    @Bagel Delivery You've put the port in the same area as the Server Address. Server Address is just - the port must go in the port box, do not add :21025 to the Server Address box. If issues persist, please navigate to the lounge area of the forums and join our Discord server and ask for help in #technical_support

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