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    Fri Jul 14 01:21:40 2017
    L linkachu8709 posted in The Fate of Volcaria.

    if anyone is interested in this, leave a post with your character name here if you so choose

  2. Fri Jun 23 17:24:26 2017
    L linkachu8709 posted in The Fate of Volcaria.

    dude. I was makin' a joke. wasn't trying to offend. just being silly.
    also wasn't trying to exclude anyone. sorry if that's how it came off. the way I type seems to get anyone that sees it thinking its negative. Not trying to be rude in saying that, just what I've observed. also with how things are on the server, i'm not trying to say things suck, just that they are really slow. beyond "casual" slow. I use too many words when I could just use a few

  3. Fri Jun 23 03:51:22 2017
    L linkachu8709 posted in The Fate of Volcaria.

    *side note bonus points to who ever gets the ref I put in

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    L linkachu8709 posted in The Fate of Volcaria.

    So, as ya'll probably can tell, I've been poking around in places I shouldn't be puttin' my nose... but this has given me a better understanding of how the Beatdow-..* I mean, run down of things work. One: don't fuck with Eradem. two: don't fuck with Eradem. three: Don't fuck with Eradem. yeah.... things were learned. lol. but like in the top post, things have seemed to have settled into an all-time low for the RP department on the server. I know its a casual RP server, but it seems to be less casual and more sporadic. With some help (maybe) i'll see about makin' some somewhat decent story ark about The Fate of Voclaria. Volcaria is small Avali mining settlement that had attracted the attention of an invasive Eldritch being.... the actions of the participants will decide if Volcaria thrives, dies, or is generally left alone. this will be the first in a (hopefully) decent trio of "modules" that will decide the fate of three of my characters (not tryin' to be self centered here. EVERYONE will hopefully be included, and I'd be more than happy to tie in other story lines to "beef up" the "meat" of the story). if anybody is interested please leave a comment or something. unless your Eradem. or the -Veiethe- clan. then your probably gonna blast me on discord with a bunch of notifications until I jump online again. not hatin', just sayin.

  5. Fri Jun 23 03:36:53 2017
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    Yo, so i'm hoping to do some interesting story stuff with the planet next to Newhaven, Cygnus legion II (or the Ironic Planet), and would like to see if I can get it to be a POI. might not be the greatest idea with it being so close to ServHub, but it seems people don't really go there except to figure out how to get else where. when you drop on to planet initially, there will be portcullis gate and a rail dropping down to a really long rail that'll lead to the bottom mine shaft of the initial bio-dome. there's a few flag about to bookmark and a second mini dome with a teleporter far left of town. if ya wanna see more on what i'm planning, there should be a thread about The Fate of Volcaria thread in general.

    name : Volcaria
    Loc: Cygnus legion II / x:-401732684 y:947048452

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    Thu Jun 8 00:43:56 2017
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    whelp. I can't draw but I can atleast sorta write so here....BAAARRRRFF!!!

    Name: Miraculum Infinitus
    Race: Avali**
    feather main*: Soft white color, like that of snow without the sun bearing down on it
    feather trim*: Icicle blue
    feather accent*: Gold, solid almost glowing brilliant gold.

    Personality: relatively chill, no pun intended, though can be rather hyper-active after his many random power naps. Has an extreme fascination with ice, or whatever is considered "ice" to the Avali, but generally anything dealing with extreme cold. Has a strong sense of honor and justice, though, with proper reason will ignore that completely. Very hard to piss them off, but when some one acheives said goal... some have described his anger similar to that of a dragon (more on that later), and there have been rumors of him dipping those that have angered him into liquid helium (which has a boiling point of -270 deg. C. ITS REALLY FUCKING COLD!).

    Augments: typical neural interface and "Guardian" nanites.
    Modified jaw allowing it to unhinge properly for other augment.
    Built in liquid (insert any really effing cold substance here) throwers set in the back of his throat, out of the way till activated. Talons have inset micro-lathes to create alloy reinforcements, making them more viable for combat. Initially didn't want any augments, but after his "draconic" reputation grew, he decided to make it a little more than just rumor....

    Sanity: has serious trauma as he had to watch his pack one by one be picked while out exploring the universe. As such has "developed" a second personality he only refers to as the "Hellion King". Prone to breaking down when he hears of other packs, weeping for the loss of his own. Also will have episode of mental overload caused by some new found "abilities". Beyond that, mostly stable.

    Unique: due to his neural interface being damaged during a EMP shockwave generated by a nuke airburst ( he and his pack was near a battle versus a comparatively "low" tech race.) he has gained an unusual property of now being able to "hear" thoughts by reading spacial distortions and stray energy waves emitted by others simply walking by. This only is for surface thoughts, no deep into the mind reading. There's also something quite unusual about the markings on him and his belongings...

    *yea i know we can all see the char. model but the game doesn't quite have the colors i wanted sooo, there.

    **He's not quite normal as he was first found as a hatchling near some spacial anomolies...

  7. Wed Jun 7 02:00:45 2017
    L linkachu8709 posted in Share your character art!.

    gimme some time, I might be able to whip somat together concerning miraculum...

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    L linkachu8709 started the conversation The Fate of Volcaria.

    so, I know I haven't been on here all that long ( I play as Miraculum currently, maybe others later), but it seems everything/one has settled down into a kind of "Low RP funk". a sense of little purpose, minus the occasional offhand conversation, where nothing for your character really advances that much, no new growth. maybe we could come up with some kind of conflict (nothing too simple then it too would be rather awkward and/or pointless) or problem that will change how things work a bit. maybe a major replacement of "ruling powers" through some conspiracy, or some massive dispute about resources, maybe an epic battle about how ren's damned signs should or shouldn't be every-f*****g-where... I don't know. i'm not the greatest at making conflict's on the spot. throw out some ideas here.

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