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  1. 3 months ago
    Sat Jun 17 14:55:22 2017

    @Firerblaze You can enter the lounge area of the forums and join the Discord channel and message me directly if you need to.

  2. Thu Jun 8 11:27:35 2017
    Eradem posted in The discord.

    @UsualCheif12 @AlastorValmanway The Discord link is kept into the Lounge area of the forums for registered users; to help prevent potential bot spammers getting onto the Discord server. Please refrain from posting the Discord link directly in General Discussion. You may however, link the lounge page; as that still requires users to be logged in; in order to view it.

  3. Mon Jun 5 11:43:37 2017
    51 mods down on the list from the top.
    Neko race is present. I do not understand your confusion; perhaps the race icon is ambiguous?

  4. 4 months ago
    Sun Apr 30 11:38:09 2017
    Eradem posted in NPC Spawner+ Mod [Added].

    Hello @AlastorValmanway this mod has now been added.

  5. Sun Apr 30 11:37:31 2017

    Hello rainbowashes, NpcSpawner+ has been added.

  6. Tue Apr 25 08:09:03 2017
    Eradem posted in Novastar is back bitches!.

    Hello, alfalfr3d; no worries, they've already asked and it has already been done.

  7. Sun Apr 23 12:57:18 2017

    This means that the character name you've chosen is already taken by the server. Please state the name here; as if it is a name that has been registered for a long time and is unused I can reset it for you. If however, it is a name an active user is using; then you must either change your character name or create a new one with a different name. Please contact me through Discord for a faster reply rate. That is found in the lounge area of the forums; for the invite link.

  8. 5 months ago
    Wed Apr 12 12:30:11 2017

    Hello rainbowashes, these mods do look pretty neat. But you did send them on the first of april. hehe. Anyhow, we've had numerous reports for Draconis Race at this point, so it is definitely a possible addition. Themed Pet Tethers looks good, but NpcSpawner+ looks more interesting.

  9. Tue Apr 11 11:35:29 2017
    Eradem posted in XS Mechs - NO BLOCK DAMAGE.

    Using patch files means you still need the original mod which within itself isn't a problem and would require you to make it a required mod for your mod in this particular case. Anyhow, there were other reasons for the denial of XS Mechs; we've tried it before and one of the other reasons was someone would take it out and completely devolve any current RPs into a mess of out-of-character spam. Ruined some good moments too.

  10. Mon Apr 10 11:43:52 2017

    XS and ZZ mechs bypass planet-side protection permissions. As a result these two mods cannot be added.

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